Student Feedback

To wrap up my time spent at Conrad Ball Middle School I asked students to give me some feedback on their experience. It was a sheet with a series of questions about my teaching. Here the questions and some responses to those.

What has been your favorite lesson so far this semester? Why?

“My favorite lesson is the caricature lesson because Ms. Sather explained how to do it well and I did.”

“The clay cup because I love to sculpt”

“I think my favorite lesson has been the birds eye view drawing because I love drawing especially from different angles.”

“The chalk art because I liked doing the layers”

“Doing the water colors”

“The portrait drawing because Ms. Sather helped me a lot”

What is something you would like to do in this class?

“Make a sculpture of an animal and put fur on it”

“Draw all day.”


“More pottery and elements of art”

“For you to stay longer”

What do you think Ms. Sather has been most successful with this semester?

“being nice”

“I think Ms. Sather was most successful about explaining how to do whatever project we were working on.”

“Yes because she helps us and gives mini lessons.”

“Helping everyone stay on task!”

“Helping people learn and telling people can do it.”

“She has been very helpful, she is personable and shows interest in her students”

“Yeah I feel good when she’s here and I feel like she helps a lot and makes them feel important.”

“She listens”

What do you think she could do better?

“She would be a robot if she was any more perfect”

“She could do the activity with us more.”

“I think Ms. Sather could just be more open and out there about your artwork and how you did it.”

“We could have more time to do some projects”

“She could tell us more about her”

Did you feel respected in this classroom by Ms. Sather? Did she show interest in your life outside of school? Did you feel like you were an important part of the classroom?

“Yes, she made me feel at home”

“Yes because she helped me with the basketball issues.”

“I think I feel important because she’s nice.”

“Yes because she is always asking if I need help or not”

“Yes, she has inspired me to try in art.”

Any words of wisdom as she goes into teaching?

“Follow your dreams”

“You will do great. You look like you’re going to be a good teach whatever kind of class you teach”

“Keep doing what you’re doing. Good luck!”

“Patience is a virtue; roll with the punches. Form relationships and set expectations.”

“We will miss you”

“Be strict and nice when you need to be”

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

Any last comments?

“no don’t leave!”

“Work here when you get the chance.”

“You are the best student teacher EVER!!”

“I’ll miss Ms. Sather. It won’t be the same”


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