Setting and Context

            Conrad Ball Middle School is located in Loveland, Colorado and has a very unique community of its own. The schools’ website offers a mission statement that reads: “Conrad Ball Middle School is located in Loveland, Colorado, and everything that we do reflects our school’s motto: SOAR (Service, Ownership, Achievement, Respect).” The SOAR motto is repeated in every classroom reminding students of how they should strive to act. Each student is provided with an iPad which is something very unique to this school. The kids are trained in how to use these and be good internet users.

The school offers many opportunities for students outside of the typical school day. Students can participate in everything from sports to drama club, geography bee to odyssey of the mind, or even student council and ski opportunity. This is really significant for this age of students as kids can find something they enjoy to do while connecting with kids their age in a positive way.

The school is majority Caucasian but also has a significant diverse population. There is about 25% Hispanic/ Latino population in the school as well as small percentages of Asian, African American, Native American, and one Hawaiian student. The school has 658 students 57% male and 43% female. The school is also 50 % on free and reduced lunch. The classroom I was in was very reminiscent of this. It was all eighth graders with 36 students, 20 male and 16 female. The class was a majority Caucasian class but also had a few students with differing ethnicities. The class had one African American in the class as well as one Asian student.

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