Case Study

In an art class of 36 eighth grade students there are a lot of really outgoing personalities. I chose two students with very different personalities to interview in order to get different responses; I was, however, surprised by how very similar their points of view were. Student A and Student B are two very well behaved students who do their work (most of the time) but they are very different. Student A is social while Student B seems to keep to himself. A lot of the questions that I asked them rendered answers that I would expect but some of them were not things that I would expect. When it comes to their favorite teachers they both knew right away; Student A likes her math teacher and Student B likes his science teacher. They both liked these teachers because they thoroughly explain everything and help when students need help. They both could also agree on what makes school difficult. They told me that the most difficult thing about school is when teachers have high expectations; Student B further explained that this is when it’s hardest to keep up.

They both told me about how useful the iPads are. Student A currently doesn’t have hers and told me it’s really hard to manage in class without it. Teachers are using them for articles, research, and responding. Student B told me about how much easier it is to monitor everything with the iPads. They also both told me that classes that utilize the iPads seem to be more engaging. Student A explained to me that her favorite lessons have been ones that relate to real life. Student A and Student B both agree that activities, not just writing, also make class more engaging.

Both students gave me some important advice when I become a teacher. Student B told me to start off lessons easy and gradually get more difficult. He also told me to be a little strict so students will respect me. Also, make sure students understand the material before moving on. Student A had advice along the same lines; explain everything, have fun, and try to connect with them. They both furthered that allowing for share time really helps the students feel welcome in a classroom.

Overall, interviewing the students was a really good experience to hear a students’ perspective outside of the big class setting. I was a bit discouraged when I asked Student A what she would change about school and she told me drama, rumors and bullying. I was unaware of how much of an issue that is. She furthered and told me that a girl even left Con Ball because she was bullied so bad. I think that in the future I will try really hard to stop bullying in my classroom and offer a haven for kids who are being bullied. Student A and Student B both gave me some important insight on how kids today see school.

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