Instruction and Management Philosophy

All students should feel safe and be encouraged to express themselves creatively. In an art room students can begin to find their artistic voice and learn valuable life lessons. Not only does art teach students art but it also teaches them:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • To Engage and Persist
  • Reflection
  • Exploration
  • Expression
  • Observation

In order to have a classroom that is focused on the learning, it is important to have routines and systems in place to help the class go smoothly. Organizational methods for tools and materials will allow class time to be spent on the important learning and creating. I would have a relaxed atmosphere that would focus on as little distractions as possible to allow as much learning as possible. Some organizational methods include: inbox and outbox, late work folder, missing work binder, and labels on cabinets for supplies so students know where to find things.


It is crucial to also establish a classroom community from the start. This includes setting expectations and posting these expectations as well as enforcing these expectations. In addition, getting to know students and their interests from the start can inform what I am teaching in order to make it more relevant for students and help motivate them. In establishing a classroom community students will also feel safe to speak up and safe to express themselves.


The art room should:

  • Be differentiated to meet student needs through IEP/ALP/RTI
  • Safe for all through teaching of material safety
  • Driven by choice but class time spent effectively
  • Encourage creative expression
  • Have clear learning targets every day
  • Provide learning meaningful for all students

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